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Smart temperature transmitter STT350

Smart temperature transmitter STT350


STT350 Smart temperature transmitter is a high-performance temperature transmitter with reduced uncertainty for custody transfer applications.  The Honeywell STT350 offers superior stability and noise performance to reduce measurement variation and lower maintenance costs.

Via galvanic isolation the  STT350 is capable of transmission over long distances through noisy plant environments. The STT350 is FISCO approved and automatically provides true differential temperature measurement of thermocouple or RTD inputs by individual linearization of each sensor reading, and then computing the difference.

STT350 Temperature Transmitter specifications

Widest range of RTD and T/C input options

Robust galvanic isolation for noise immunity

Broad selection of housings and materials

Remote communications

Available with integral display unit

Reduced uncertainty for custody transfer applications

Supports 4-20ma/Foundation Fieldbus/Honeywell DE Output

Supports EDDL and DTM

FISCO approval

Models within the Honeywell STT350 transmitters include:

STT350 Single input transmitter with Honeywell DE protocol and 4-20mA output

               STT35F Foundation Fieldbus communications

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