Experion® SCADA is a powerful software platform that combines advanced technology for human and machine interface (HMI) and monitoring and data acquisition (SCADA) control. Experion is a complete SCADA solution that provides a complete, highly scalable, multi-server SCADA system with the highest reliability, safety and security. Experion Device Concept provides SCADA configuration that simplifies operational excellence. Experion PKS Orion - knowledge makes anything possible.

The advantages of using Experion® SCADA are:

- Reduce total costs by radically simplifying configuration, reducing configuration design by 80%, and reducing time for adding new equipment from hours to minutes.

- Outstanding experience for pipeline operation and control, reducing equipment selection time with smart filter.

- HMI test deeply examines human factors by the Abnormal Situation association


- Advanced alarm management capabilities.

- Loop control for operational conversion logs in addition to the Electronic Flow Meter sensor's usual processing data.

- Cost effective, easy to configure and maintain in gas operating applications

The system is used to monitor and control a plant or equipment in industries such as telecommunications, water and waste control, energy, oil refining and gas...