Environment Monitoring System


Emission monitoring system is continuously developed and produced to monitor total pollutant emissions from stable sources, mainly used for industrial boilers, power plant boilers, diesel power plants, monitor industrial furnace emissions, to measure SO2, NO, CO, CO2, O2, etc. continuous dynamic monitoring, at the same time to measure particle content, gas flow, gas pressure, gas temperature, gas humidity ...

CEMS consists of:

  • Gas analysis monitoring system
  • Gas flow monitoring
  • Particles monitoring system
  • Gas temperature/pressure/velocity measurement
  • Data Analysis Syste


Flue gas analysis plays an important role in optimizing the fuel / air ratio during combustion. To reduce costs and increase efficiency, gas monitoring systems are implemented for on-line and continuous measurements. By measuring the excess oxygen (O2) and / or carbon monoxide (CO) in the flue gas from combustion, the plant operator can operate with the best thermal efficiency, the lowest NOX, and also generate home gas. glasses at least. Not only is a matter of economically important equipment, but as the essential environmental equipment emissions monitoring equipment is applied. It is also important to ensure that the range of pollutant emissions remains within the limits and to comply with applicable regulations and to ensure the safety of your workplace.
Our engineers can provide the optimum and tailored solution from a single device to integrated solutions for continuous flue gas treatment and flue gas analysis. As systems integrators, we provide systems and solutions for flue gas analysis, simultaneous measurement of various components and parameters, sample switching systems, integrated into existing SCADA / DCS yes and more.

We provide a full range of gas analysis solutions, by integrating high-tech air-conditioning and sampling equipment into well-known brands.

Provided products and solutions can be suited for:

  • Industrial Burners and Furnaces
  • Industrial Boilers
  • Gas Turbines
  • Thermal Process Systems
  • Stationary Industrial Engines