Building Manager System

BMS system (Building Management System) is a synchronous system that allows control and management of all technical systems in the building such as electrical systems, domestic water supply systems, ventilation, environmental warnings. security, fire alarm - fire fighting,… to ensure the correct, timely, efficient operation of the equipment in the building, energy saving and operating costs. BMS system is a synchronous system with real-time, online, multimedia, many users. The control system consists of central controllers with all computer hardware and software, I / O devices, area processors, sensors and matrix controls point...

  • Access control system - Control access
  • Camera surveillance system
  • Public sound system
  • Lighting control and monitoring system
  • Energy management system
  • Life safety system: fire alarm, fire fighting, booster ...
  • Elevator system
  • HVAC control and monitoring systemPhone solutions, SMS, SMS and SNMP system notifications ...