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Secure, reliable open data connectivity

An toàn, kết nối dữ liệu mở đáng tin cậy

MatrikonOPC offers the industry’s most extensive portfolio of OPC connectivity products along with unmatched global domain expertise.  Its solutions integrate Honeywell’s products such as the HC900 Controller, MasterLogic PLC, single loop controllers, control systems,  actuators and analyzers with third-party SCADA, historians and human machine interfaces (HMIs) to provide secure, reliable open data connectivity.

The following MatrikonOPC products are available with Honeywell products:

Universal PLC Server

The MatrikonOPC Universal PLC Server is a single OPC Server that provides connectivity to multiple devices, protocols and APIs. MatrikonOPC Universal PLC Server offers a wide range of plug-ins to support the most popular PLC protocols.

OPC Server for Modbus

The Modbus OPC Server provides secure and reliable real-time data access between all modbus-capable devices to OPC-enabled applications such as historians, HMIs and SCADA systems, etc.

OPC Redundancy Broker

OPC Redundancy Broker (ORB) easily enables implementing redundancy in systems that take advantage of OPC technology, such as Honeywell’s Experion® HS.

Easy OPC Trender

Easy OPC Trender is an intuitive and powerful OPC Trending Client. With OPC-HDA, you can connect to any process historian data source.

OPC Security Gateway

MatrikonOPC Security Gateway secures all real-time OPC architectures. Unlike OPC solutions that rely only on DCOM security, Security Gateway controls who can browse, add, read and/or write to a tag on a per-user-per-tag basis on any OPC DA or HDA server.

OPC Tunneller

OPC Tunneller provides an easy, reliable and secure way to communicate between networked computers. OPC Tunneller even allows for user configurable time-outs, thus giving you complete control.

OPC Data Manager

OPC Data Manager (ODM) is a software application that transfers data from one OPC server to another. Use ODM when you need to share, map, and bridge OPC data between two or more control systems (e.g. PLC and a DCS). With ODM this connectivity can be accomplished with standard, off-the-shelf software.

OPC Excel Reporter

OPC Excel Reporter is an OPC Client for Excel that transforms Excel into a reporting tool for your process and equipment data. Connect to any real-time (OPC DA) or historical (OPC-HDA) data source. With its simple and easy to use interface, Excel sheets and cells can be linked to specific I/O point(s) in the PLC in a matter of seconds.


OPC Micro Historian is ideal for storing data from individual PLCs, in small plants, or for simple processes for analysis and reporting.

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