ControlEdge ™ PLC

- Unsurpassed integration: together with Honeywell technology, industrial websites have flexible solutions for seamlessly efficient data access, ensuring easy configuration and maintenance.

- Flexible project-based Universal I / O port: implementation of 16-channel Universal I / O (UIO) modules, flexible in providing type I / O, eliminating the need for customization PLC hardware with different I / O configurations

- Embedded protocol OPC UA: provide direct and pre-processed data from sensors and devices to the place of operation, production with high security and reliability.

- There are backup controls

- Strong network security

Installed and supplied on the basis of HC900. Edge PLC series has many advantages such as:

- The first PLC with Universal I / O for more flexible configuration

- First PLC certified ISASecure EDSA Level 2

- Tightly integrated with Experion, well connected with distributed control system (DCS), control and data acquisition system (SCADA) and security system of Honeywell

- Have separate spare controller

- Can choose 60W 24VDC and 110 / 240VAC backup power

- Various rack sizes for I / O are available

- Connect with human-machine interface (HMI) via Modbus and OPC UA protocols

- Best-in-class network security ensures safety for systems, individuals and important information

MasterLogic Programmable Logic Controllers

- Powerful and flexible processor for demanding high speed applications: 42 ns / step, 7MB program memory, 4 MB system memory, 2 MB data memory, 16 MB built-in flash memory for program and recovery data.

- Full redundancy for CPU, power, connections

- Compact size helps to optimize space

- IEC61131-3 standard for programming languages ​​with LD / SFC / ST / IL programming language option

- Large library with standard programming blocks and support for new creation or user definition

- More than 50 I / O modules including high speed counter and event modules.

- Variety of protocols for connection to devices (Profibus DP, DeviceNet, HART, Modbus TCP / RTU / ASCII) and user-defined texture options.

- Extensive communication with external systems via 10 / 100Mbps ethernet and RS232C / RS422 serial port

- Peer to peer communication between PLCs with 100Mbps Ethernet or fiber optic cable.

- The ability to instantly change, edit online, user interrupt program.

- Integrate with Experion PKS, Experion HS, Experion LX architecture and SCADA system

- Ability to automatically diagnose connection, record system history, automatically scan the system

- Ability to emulate and test the program without the need of PLC / CPU hardware

- Standard, detailed display gives the user an intuitive and easy-to-use view even with other Honeywell controllers

- Ability to operate in real time, handle connection with control devices via GUI and factory monitoring function

- The ability to manage data through collection history and reporting

- The size and power supply for the CPU is diverse, meeting many different requirements

- Can be applied to a distributed or independent input and output system

- Hardware and software are operated with high reliability, easily upgrade and maintain the system


a) Controller

- I / O module design

- Multi-channel PID control

- Programming set point, set driver schedule

- Processing logic, timer, counter

- Processing algorithms, calculations

- Store setpoint data

- Remote terminal control panel (RTP)

- Have CPU, backup power supply

b) Design software

- Drag and drop to wire function blocks

- Download configuration via ethernet, serial communication port

- Download and monitor configuration via modern

- Export data in CSV or TAB DELIMITED format

c) Operation interface, HMI screen

- Communication via Modbus / TCP protocol, with USB 2.0, RS2323, RS485, ethernet and redundant connection ports

- Fully manage functional blocks of HC900 controller such as PID, setpoint, ...

- Download and monitor data

- Track status of analog, digital, data chart, alarm and event

- Push button operation

- Expanding memory with Flash Memory header to store data and convert configurations

- The ability to emulate controls

- Perfect solution for the requirements of loop control and logic processing

- Ideal data collection package with 480 Analog inputs, extensive calculations and free recipe samples

- The intuitive function block software allows quick start-up, fast processing, and saves on operating costs and time

- Always have spare CPU, power, connections available to maximize uptime

Experion C300 Controller

- Easily execute complex control projects with different types of I / O and bus interfaces.

- Maximize uptime with robust software environments and full redundancy.

- Reduce production costs with flexible and effective control, powerful processing of hardware.

- Control and control is complex at the load level through multiple peer-to-peer communication controllers.

- Control is easy with a rich library system

- The ability to monitor online

- Integrates with ISA100 wireless devices

- Fast execution: The C300 supports a wide range of applications that require fast scanning speeds in a single integrated platform

- Seamless operating environment through easy data communication

- Homogeneity and behavioral prediction makes operation and maintenance easier

- Automatic loop tuning application provides controller performance optimization

- Maximize operating time, reduce installation costs with unique vertical design

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